April 14, 2024

Ուզում եք լի դասավանդողական գրաֆիկոն վաճառում ա Starbuck-ում? Թերմի ընթերցողները ցույց գրել 7 առողջական գերազանցներ – ներկայացված է նարդընդամիդան և ֆրանսետի նվեր էսփրեսու։

If you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet while still enjoying your favorite Starbucks beverages, you’re in luck! Dieticians have revealed the seven healthiest drinks on the menu that won’t derail your efforts. And yes, that includes the viral Brown Sugar Espresso in French.

Many people enjoy heading to Starbucks for a midday pick-me-up or a sweet treat, but it can be difficult to make healthy choices when faced with so many delicious options. That’s why we asked dieticians to weigh in on the best ways to indulge in a guilt-free Starbucks experience.

Here are the seven healthiest Starbucks drinks that you can enjoy without feeling like you’re sacrificing your diet:

1. Cold Brew Coffee

If you’re a fan of coffee but want to skip the added sugar and calories of a traditional latte, cold brew coffee is a great option. It’s rich and smooth without being too bitter, and it can be enjoyed black or with a splash of milk for some added creaminess. Plus, cold brew coffee is lower in acidity than hot brewed coffee, making it easier on your stomach.

2. Iced Tea

For a refreshing and hydrating beverage, try ordering an iced tea at Starbucks. You can choose from a variety of flavors, including black, green, white, and herbal teas. Opt for unsweetened versions to avoid added sugars, or ask for just a splash of syrup if you prefer a touch of sweetness.

3. Skinny Vanilla Latte

If you’re in the mood for a creamy latte but don’t want all the extra calories, try ordering a Skinny Vanilla Latte. This drink is made with nonfat milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup, so you can enjoy the delicious flavor of vanilla without the guilt. Plus, the nonfat milk provides a good source of protein and calcium.

4. Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha green tea has gained popularity in recent years for its numerous health benefits, including a boost in energy and antioxidants. At Starbucks, you can enjoy a Matcha Green Tea Latte made with matcha powder, steamed milk, and a touch of sweetness. Opt for almond or coconut milk for a dairy-free option.

5. Cold Foam Cold Brew

For a unique and creamy coffee experience, try ordering a Cold Foam Cold Brew at Starbucks. This drink features cold brew coffee topped with a thick layer of frothy cold foam, which is made with nonfat milk and a bit of sugar. The cold foam adds a luxurious texture to the coffee without the extra calories of whipped cream.

6. Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew is one of Starbucks’ newest offerings, and it’s quickly become a fan favorite. This drink is made by infusing cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas, which gives it a smooth and creamy texture similar to a stout beer. Nitro Cold Brew is naturally sweet and smooth, so you can enjoy it without any added sugar or cream.

7. Brown Sugar Espresso in French

And finally, the viral Brown Sugar Espresso in French has taken social media by storm for its indulgent and unique flavor profile. This drink features brown sugar syrup mixed with espresso shots and a layer of whipped cream, all topped with a sprinkle of brown sugar for an extra sweet touch. While this drink is higher in sugar and calories than the others on this list, it’s a fun treat to enjoy in moderation.

When visiting Starbucks on a diet, it’s important to pay attention to portion sizes and ingredients to ensure you’re making the healthiest choice possible. You can also customize your drink by asking for sugar-free syrups, nonfat milk, or almond milk to reduce calories and sugar content.

Overall, Starbucks offers a variety of options for those looking to enjoy a coffee or tea without sacrificing their diet. By choosing one of the seven healthiest drinks on the menu, you can indulge in a delicious treat while still staying on track with your health goals. Cheers to enjoying a guilt-free Starbucks experience!

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