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Student loan payments will resume on October 1st.

Millions of Americans with student loans will need resume payments from October 1st. The pause on student loan payments began in March 2020 as part of a series of pandemic-related economic relief measures. Since then, the pause has been extended several times, but Congress earlier this year additional extensions blocked. Some questioned whether a potential… Read More »

75,000 Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers may go on strike, demonstrating that the sector is in crisis

new York CNN – Savonnda Blaylock, a pharmacy technician in Northern California, has worked for healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente for 22 years and has never been on strike. That could change on Wednesday, when she becomes one of 75,000 workers taking part in the biggest health strike in the country’s history. Blaylock said it will… Read More »

How to get rid of your broker and invest your own money

Dear Liz: I have a mutual fund and a Roth IRA that are actively managed by a broker. The accounts didn’t go well. I would like to withdraw them from the brokerage and reinvest them on my own. How do I safely withdraw them from the broker? What paperwork and fees should I expect? To… Read More »