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Starfield Player builds ship that looks like a Star Wars vulture droid

Highlights Starfield players are using the game’s customization tools to create stunning replicas of famous Star Wars ships, like the Vulture Droid Mk1. The Vulture Droid Mk1 ship is known for its appearance in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and the Clone Wars. Although the Vulture Droid replica sacrifices performance for design accuracy,… Read More »

Stephanie Beatriz almost ‘killed’ Anthony Mackie on set

Highlights The ultraviolence and irreverent humor of Peacock’s Twisted Metal series kept viewers engaged despite negative opinions from fans of the original game franchise. Stephanie Beatriz, co-star of the series, revealed in an interview that she almost hit her co-star Anthony Mackie with an ax during filming, highlighting the dangerous action on set. Twisted Metal… Read More »

Starfield Clip Highlights How Ridiculous a Level 4 Skill Is

Highlights Starfield’s ultimate gymnastics ability allows for ridiculous leaps, demonstrated in silly game footage that went viral on social media. While opinions on the skill vary, even some fans consider Level 1 useful for melee combat. Higher levels offer less tangible benefits but dramatically increase jump height. The ability’s potential to traverse and gain high… Read More »

Stardew Valley player plays hilarious prank on Lewis

Highlights Stardew Valley fans have found new and fun ways to interact with the game’s characters, like pranking Mayor Lewis. The Pelican Town Community Center in Stardew Valley can be decorated, which surprised many fans who were unaware of the feature. One player put up Lewis’ shorts for everyone to see, showing that some fun… Read More »

Spider-Man India actor worried about Beyond the Spider-Verse

Highlights Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the upcoming conclusion to the animated trilogy, has raised concerns from one of the franchise’s stars about how the next film will live up to the high standards set by the previous films. The voice of Pavitr Prabhakar (Spider-Man India), Karan Soni, expressed concern about the direction of the next… Read More »