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A game changer for phobia treatment?

For one in 13 people who suffer from phobias, the mere mention of spiders, heights, enclosed spaces or other triggers can cause distress. Fortunately, phobias are highly treatable with a psychological therapy called “exposure therapy.” This type of treatment involves interacting with phobic triggers in a safe environment. Our recent review showed that a single,… Read More »

Scientists raise concerns about potential link between chronic microdoses of psychedelics and valvular heart disease

In recent years, the trend of microdosing psychedelic substances has gained popularity, with enthusiasts touting a wide range of potential benefits, from increased creativity to improved mood and concentration. However, a recent scientific review published in Journal of Psychopharmacology raised concerns about potential health risks associated with long-term microdosing of psychedelics. In particular, researchers have… Read More »

Why we won’t have a super El Niño this year

Per Wenju Cai and Guojian Wang, CSIRO and Ocean University of China. Melbourne: Reports of a possible “super El Niño” this year may have been greatly exaggerated. Media headlines may say that the world could face a “super El Niño” this year, but in reality the likelihood of that happening is low. Following a triple-dip… Read More »