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Top 10 Generative AI Trends for 2024 Everyone Should Be Prepared Now

Generative AI was the explosive technology trend of 2023, capturing the attention of not only techies and futurists but also mainstream audiences with its ability to create seemingly human-like content. Top 10 Generative AI Trends for 2024 Everyone Should Be Prepared Now Adobe Stock With tech giants including Microsoft, Google and Meta investing their seemingly… Read More »

Nobel Prizes, Science and Islam

From left to right: Sheldon Lee Glashow, USA, Abdus Salam, Pakistan, and Steven Weinberg, USA, before … [+] receiving the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics in Stockholm Bettmann Archive The Nobel Prizes will be announced this week with great anticipation around the world. Many acclaimed scientists will spend sleepless nights wondering if there will be… Read More »

Florida Mayhem are the 2023 (and possibly final) Overwatch League champions

The Florida Mayhem are the 2023 Overwatch League champions. Blizzard Entertainment After just over five months of competition, the 2023 Overwatch League champions have been crowned. Florida Mayhem won the championship for the first time, defeating the Houston Outlaws in the Grand Finals match in Toronto. Along with the trophy, the winning side will receive… Read More »

A ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Design Choice Is Making ‘Ahsoka’ Hard on the Eyes

Rebels vs Ahsoka Credit: Disney Post updated on 10/01/23. See the update below. It’s been quite a wild ride watching the latest Star Wars show on Disney Plus. The first few episodes simply weren’t very good, full of strange dialogue, bad pacing and strangely rigid characters (apart from the magnificent Baylan Skoll and his apprentice… Read More »

Cyberpunk 2077’s ‘best’ Phantom Liberty ending is shockingly dark and scary

Cyberpunk 2077 CDPR I recently told everyone how to get to the new “final” ending of Cyberpunk 2077, a new option presented through specific choices in Phantom Liberty. One that joins the existing “Johnny on the Roof” paths in the main game. Now, I really want to talk about this ending, because it’s been haunting… Read More »

Study links dementia to oral health, let’s talk about the oral-brain connection

It is important to brush your teeth and floss twice a day. (Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty … [+] Images) Toronto Star via Getty Images Periodontal disease, tooth decay and a high number of missing teeth have been linked to an increased risk of dementia, researchers found. As the average life expectancy of Americans increases,… Read More »

Technology, politics and markets are driving the EV revolution, says EDTA

Electric vehicles are displayed to highlight electric vehicles at Union Station near the Capitol in … [+] April 22, 2021 (photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Getty Images The United Auto Workers may be nervous about what the rise of electric vehicles will do to their jobs, but Electric Drive Transportation Association President Genevieve Cullen, an… Read More »

The Raspberry Pi 5 ruined my day

Reader, I must issue a formal apology. Despite, in December 2022, reports of comments made in an interview with Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Eben Upton, who then stated that a Raspberry Pi 5 would not arrive in 2023the sad truth is one is actually coming soon. I let you down. I was disappointed. In my… Read More »