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Football star Paulinho becomes Brazil’s torchbearer for his sometimes persecuted Afro-Brazilian faith

LAGOA SANTA, Brazil (AP) — When Brazilian soccer player Paulinho scored a goal at the Tokyo Olympics, he celebrated by pointing an imaginary arrow at the cameras in honor of a deity in his persecuted Afro-Brazilian faith — and aiming at religious targets . intolerance. Shortly after, he lost more than 10,000 followers on social… Read More »

Hunting wild and ferocious pigs that ravage Argentina and South America

Wild boars in the province of San Luis, Argentina (2018) Pablo Rodriguez Merkel/ENEEI Project Wild pigs (including wild boars and wild domestic pigs) are invading protected natural areas in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. Due to their ability to compete with native species for food, change landscapes and transmit disease, feral pigs now… Read More »