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India’s devastating monsoon season is a sign of things to come as weather and poor planning combine

BENGALURU, India (AP) — Sanjay Chauhan has witnessed monsoon rains batter his home and farm in the Indian Himalayas this year with a magnitude and intensity he has never experienced before. “Buildings have collapsed, roads are broken, there have been so many landslides, including one that destroyed a large part of my orchard,” said the… Read More »

How did the Maui fire spread so quickly? Overgrown gully and stubborn embers could be key to investigating

Melted remains of an old car tire. Heavily burned trees. A charred stump of an abandoned utility pole. Investigators are examining this and other evidence as they try to solve the mystery of last month’s deadly wildfire on Maui: how a small fire, whipped by the wind, sparked by downed power lines and declared extinguished,… Read More »

The threat of wildfires is increasing. The same happens with new artificial intelligence solutions to combat them

LONDON (AP) — Wildfires fueled by climate change have Maui’s devastated communities for the Mediterranean this summer, killing many people, depleting firefighters and fueling the search for new solutions. Enter artificial intelligence. Firefighters and startups are using AI-enabled cameras to scan the horizon for signs of smoke. A German company is building a constellation of… Read More »

Tropical Storm Ophelia is forecast to make landfall early Saturday off the North Carolina coast

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Tropical Storm Ophelia was expected to make landfall in North Carolina early Saturday morning, with the potential for damaging winds and dangerous water surges, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. Life-threatening flooding caused by the weather system was forecast for parts of eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia, the center said… Read More »

Leaders see hope in jointly combating deadly climate change and public health problems

NEW YORK (AP) — In trying to lessen the devastating impact of climate change, experts hope that attempts to improve the global public health system and sometimes-stalled efforts to contain global warming through collaboration they can combine – and create a better system for dealing with the problem along the way. Leaders of the World… Read More »

Atlantic Storm Lee brings strong winds and rain before forecasters cancel warnings in some areas

BAR HARBOR, Maine (AP) — Atlantic Storm Lee made landfall in near hurricane force on Saturday, bringing destructive winds, strong waves and torrential rain to New England and Maritime Canada. But authorities lifted some warnings for the region on Saturday night. The U.S. National Hurricane Center lifted a tropical storm warning for coastal Maine, while… Read More »

California lawsuit says oil giants misled public about climate, seeks funds for storm damage

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The state of California has filed a lawsuit against some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, alleging they misled the public about the risks of fossil fuels now blamed for climate change-related storms and wildfires that caused billions of dollars. in damage, officials said Saturday. The civil lawsuit filed… Read More »

Citing sustainability, Starbucks wants to reformulate its iconic cup. Will customers agree?

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Bethany Patton steps up to the counter and places her pink mug in a dishwasher the size of a shoebox. It spins. It buzzed. Water splashes inside. After 90 seconds, the door opens and steam comes out. A barista takes the mug, dries it, and prepares Patton’s order — a 16-ounce… Read More »

Libya floods: Rescue teams recover more than 2,000 bodies in Derna

DERNA, Libya (AP) — Rescuers had found more than 2,000 bodies as of Wednesday in the wreckage of a Libyan city where floods had breached dams and destroyed neighborhoods. Authorities fear the death toll could exceed 5,000 in the nation made vulnerable by years of turmoil and neglect. Mediterranean Storm Daniel caused deadly flooding in… Read More »