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NIH Launches Community-Led Research Program to Advance Health Equity

Press release Wednesday, September 27, 2023 Awards to community organizations will allow for the analysis of structural health factors. The National Institutes of Health is funding a pioneering community-led research program to study ways to address underlying structural factors in communities that affect health, such as access to safe spaces, healthy food, employment opportunities, transportation,… Read More »

Why gentrification can be a trigger for gun violence | Health News from the Healthiest Communities

New research challenges assumptions about the impact of gentrification on community safety, with findings indicating that the social unrest it can cause likely contributes to an initial rise in gun violence. An analysis published this week in JAMA Surgery found that the incidence rate of firearm injuries in gentrified neighborhoods was 62% higher between 2014… Read More »

Health professionals warn that loosening masks in hospitals would harm patients and health professionals

Nurses, researchers and those responsible for workplace safety worry that new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could reduce protection against the coronavirus and other airborne pathogens in hospitals. A CDC advisory committee this year has updated its 2007 standards for infection control in hospitals. Many health professionals and scientists expressed outrage… Read More »

Hunting wild and ferocious pigs that ravage Argentina and South America

Wild boars in the province of San Luis, Argentina (2018) Pablo Rodriguez Merkel/ENEEI Project Wild pigs (including wild boars and wild domestic pigs) are invading protected natural areas in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. Due to their ability to compete with native species for food, change landscapes and transmit disease, feral pigs now… Read More »

How online tools can help the mental health of Latin American students

Colombian mental health researcher Lorena Cudris-Torres Lorena Cudris-Torres The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the mental health crisis in Latin America – now researchers are using online tools to detect and treat these problems among local students. A Unicef ​​study on the Americas showed that 27% of young people reported symptoms of anxiety and 15% reported… Read More »

Computer art provokes emotion, but not as much as human art

Whether you like it or not, people are increasingly seeing computer-generated art. Everyone has an opinion on this, but researchers at the University of Vienna recently carried out a small study to find out how people actually perceive computer-generated art. Could you tell if this was generated by a computer or a person? Would it… Read More »